Rock bottom universe

Generally, it is the fear of becoming a man or woman of no social status, no job and of course no money. The terrifying description of a life without luxury has been implanted into our minds like a cancer. We all have been made aware of what rock bottom is, mostly by our parents and teachers etc. The fright of not living a good life puts an end to all our ambitions and dreams.

What our society thinks?

Our money materialistic society only cares about how much we earn even if we are living the dream with a lot less money. The detrimental drive for money has put us into an endless loop that goes on for generations. And it the main reason for the increasing corruption in our country. Politicians of today are not representatives of the people but are great con artists and businessmen. Let’s take the example of a man who puts in a lot of money for his election campaign. We would see this as an act of philanthropy but that man sees this as an investment and if he ever wins he would triple that money over the next 4-5 years. All this corruption comes from the addiction of money which in turns comes from fear, yes fear, fear of becoming a man or woman of no power, fear of hitting rock bottom.

What it really is?

But consider rock bottom as a state of renaissance, a stage at which you truly understand what life is. Then you start to learn from your mistakes and build a new life for yourself better than the past one. A more incorruptible life full of hope and happiness. Imagine how much impact one incorruptible life has over all those around him/her. The universe you observe at rock bottom is corrupted and self-centered, and from that perspective you learn to better than the people around you ad it is then you fall in love with the right person.
“Everything in this world comes at a price, dreams come at the price of nightmares”