Hussain Abad Sost Water Tunnel A Wonder Place in Hunza

The great athlete Michael Jordan said that “Talen wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Hussain Abad Sost Tunnel is a wonder place in Hunza to visit. It is sheer example of hardship, unity and success. This wonder place in Hunza provides the visitors to experience the dignity of work and community participation.


Sost is the last town towards Pakistan China border at Karakorum Highway. It is in the extreme north of Gilgit-Baltistan. The visitors and explorers find this place over last many decades as one of the wonder places in Hunza Valley. The Sost town is on a distance of 185KM from Gilgit main city of Gilgit-Baltistan and on a drive of 1hours 20minutes from central Hunza. Geographically there are 5 mian units of Sost town. They are Sost Center, Nazimabad Sost, Hussain Abad Sost, Aafiyat Abad Sost and Rorgah Sost.

Intervention of Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP)

a wonder place in Hunza | Telzz
a wonder place in Hunza | Telzz

First of all the story of success of Hussain Abad Sost Water Tunnel begins in the year 1982. When Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) started its interventions in the mountainous regions of North Pakistan. The aim of AKRSP was to sensitize the community for their own participation and endeavors to uplift their quality of life. Shoaib Sultan Khan, the first General Manager of AKRSP in Gilgit has played pivotal role to achieve the core objectives of AKRSP in these mountainous regions. In 1982 he visited the Sost Town for the first time and gathered the community to form a village organization. After many consultation meetings among the two adjacent villages Sost Center and Nazimabad Sost both agreed to form a combine village organization namely Sost Village Organization. And they formed it on the principals given by the AKRSP.

Formation of VO Sost

In the later part of 1982, this newly formed Village organization (VO) submitted a resolution to AKRSP to a Water Irrigation Channel to supply water at barren land known as Sost Sar. Engineering and technical staff of AKRSP after several visits and surveys approved the said proposal from VO Sost. At that time there were 59 members of VO Sost who started the project of water irrigation channel. The AKRSP has been approved a budget of 55000/- Pak Rupees for the execution of project. Later the project lead to the establishment of a wonder place in Hunza.

The idea of Water Irrigation Tunnel

The project work started by these 59 members in yearly part of 1983. They were equipped with traditional working tools, there were no any kind of modern machinery to carry the work. Initially they started as per the directives of technical guidance from AKRSP engineering team. At certain point the elders in that 59 members lot suggest to dig a tunnel for long term safety and success of project. The engineers of AKRSP initially rejected the idea but the local VO members stood with their stance. The main person behind this idea was Mr. Rehman Baig, who was an experienced local to such kind of project. He had been remained Incharge of several such project in different part at the time of former Hunza State.

Usage of Drilling Machine 

For execution of digging the water tunnel, the usage of drilling machine for blasting was suggested. The only person with such expertize in Hunza was Mr. Hajat Shah (famously known as Ghowadi) from Karim Abad Hunza. The elders of the VO Sost approached him for the purpose. He agreed to work at project as one of the equal shared member from the project. So VO Sost added him as the 60th member. Mr. Hajat Shah with the help of his younger brother Amir Shah and a local member Zanghoon Khan took the burden of drilling work at Tunnel site.

Air Ventilation System

For proper ventilation system inside the tunnel the idea to make several air ventilator roofs brought up there. The air ventilators were at different seven places. These air ventilators at 1300feet long water tunnel makes it a wonder place in Hunza to visit and explore the history of unity and hardship and participation of community.

Work completion

During first quarter of 1985 the project was completed along with channels linking the 1300 feet long water tunnel from both sides. The AKRSP team were very proud of the tireless efforts of local community. Specially Shoaib Sultan Khan was the most delighted person after the successful completion of the project. AKRSP gave special reward by approving funds for further development of newly established village.

Hussain Abad Name

The replacement of name Sost Sar with new name Hussain Abad Sost a wonder place in Hunza has very significant to the community. His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV visited the project site on 19th November, 1987. The then President of VO Sost Lumbardar Abdul Aziz submitted proposed three names to His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan during his visit. The three names were Karim Abad, Rahim Abad and Hussain Abad. His Highness accepted the name Hussain Abad for new village.

Impact of Hussain Abad Water Tunnel

The impact of Hussain Abad Sost water tunnel to the local community is of great significance and importance. This project not only added a handsome piece of land for their agricultural needs to the locals but also developed as a wonder place in Hunza to visit for the travelers and tourists to come. Also not only domestic and international tourists are visiting this wonder place in Hunza but also the dignitaries, donor agencies also do visit to witness the courageous community work here.

As a result every visitor at water tunnel site not only witness the historical work carried by the community but also have a place to enjoy a special view point to explore the natural beauties of peaks and greeneries surround it.

Hence every visitor practically experiences in this wonder place in Hunza that;

“unity is strength… when there is a team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”