A child is like a blank page when he opens his eyes in the world. From the first day the blank page starts filling with colorful and beautiful cares and loves. As time passes, those drops of love and care fill with the blank page. A child grows up in many different ways at the same time and goes through different stages. Physical growth and maturity are the most obvious signs that development in child is occurring, a child also develops cognitively (mentally), socially, emotionally, and sexually. Different aspects of child’s growth are never at rest or waiting for other parts to catch up. Instead, growth is simultaneous.

Crying, sleeping and drinking are the specific activities of any child in initial days. The world is a place of joy and happiness for a child, there is nothing to worry, there are no duties and obligations. A child merely eats, drinks, sleeps and plays. He is unaware about his surrounding either people are happy or not, either the environment is safe or not. He gives smile all the time and sleep for long hours.

Relationships of a child

A child has the purest heart any human possess and all that heart deserve is love no matter what the circumstances are. The most important thing in his life is care and love. A child is well known for building relationships with anyone; either they are family members, relative or any stranger. He builds not only his relationship with people but also cause a bridge between his parents and others to build relationships among them.

  • Relationship with parents

The parent-child relationship comprises of combination of emotions, behavior and expectations. Parent and child develop understanding of each others. Any child expects that parents will care for him when he cries. Parents are the first whom a child trust, usually, parents are the idol and role-model for any child. A child trust, copy and follows his parents. He wants to remain 24/7 with them and feels difficulties to remain without his parents for even a second. The bond between a child and parent is strong and unbreakable.

  • Close relatives – child relationship.

As child grows up, he recognizes his relatives and strangers. Grandparents are the most favorite relatives of any child. Usually a child feels happy and comfort having presence of grandparents.  And for the grandparents the child is the most precious creature on this world. They love the child more than their own children.

Next are the uncle, aunties and cousins of a child. They all love and care the child in the family, and he loves to play with them, smile with them and enjoy their company.

  • Stranger-child relationship

Relationship of a child with strangers differs from child to child. Some children easily accept stranger but most of the children fear to go to strangers. As a child grows up and accepts anybody makes a good relationship with strangers, even their relationships become that much strong that the stranger becomes his family friend.

On the other hand, the fearful child cries when he sees any strangers, he do not go to anyone he see for the first time, either they are his relatives or any strangers. Then the parents help the child to recognize between relatives and strangers and accept strangers as well.


So a child life is the most innocent and beautiful and he is the king of his parents. A child is a bridge to build relationships with parents, relatives and strangers. He is a friend of everyone. His heart is the pure one, his life is purest, he loves every child either he is of rich or poor parents. That is why the topic of child’s life and its beauty has always been focused in philosophies, poetries, dramas, films and essays.