You think you find your shelter woman?
In this dear husband’s home?
But as long as you’re serving well,
Or fulfilling the purpose:
The elegance of the beautiful;
The service, an incarnation of love and care;
The stamina of a rock to bear all that’s hit
With the hammer of time;
A heart that sponges all,

The poisonous fluids of words harsh;
A mind that washes out the ugly truths of your life,
In the sobbing nights but secretly,
To smile in the morning and bow in service.
Lest you lose any of the good qualities dear ones!
You’re considered worthy enough
To be blown up in the nest you put together with the sweat of care,
And leave your young ones panting on the sand of time,
While you’re cared for on the embers of taunts.
Lest you seek another shelter,
To sweat, serve, love, care with your rocky, spongy self again