What is Happiness?

HAPPINESS is a word, used by almost every individual, every day around the globe; happiness is a desire, a passion and a demand of every individual too. What happiness really is? And how is it been brought in our lives? Such thoughts make happiness complicated and confusing. What do you think? How do you perceive happiness? We see people being sad pursuing happiness. Are you one of them?
Experts have defined happiness in multiple ways, however, its spirit is the same. Feelings, thoughts, vibes, and events and happenings that make you tranquil deep inside is happiness. Furthermore, it could be said “contentedness of the inner you” is happiness. Science has invented the cure of diseases considered incurable in the past, technology is taking the human to a next step ‘super human.’ Science even provides artificial intelligence now; even though every smart innovation and invention no machine and technology has been able to give happiness yet. And the chances are scarce to happen like this.
Inside us is a machine, a technology, and a science. It is responsible to function as a happiness generator. That is the ‘inner you.’ Have you ever happened to see this machine? Have you ever tried to look into it? If you are happy, in real terms, it means your machine is working in order. And if you are not happy, as it is a problem with most of the people, it is for sure that the machine inside you is not in order. It is in severe need of a repairing. Repair it, enable it to generate happiness.
There is a good news here, this machine ‘the inner you’ has a lifetime guarantee. It never expires. It needs maintenance only. There is another good new, there is no need of hiring any mechanic to repair it. You are the best mechanic on this earth to repair the inner you. No one else can repair it better than you. Shall we go on and repair? Of course YES.

How to be happy?

Talk to yourself with a nice mode. Talk about your strengths and feel good, positive and optimistic. Also, Talk about your weaknesses, conversely, feel positive about them that you have to come over your weaknesses. Do not, do not ever hide your weaknesses from yourself, or do not ever hide from your weaknesses. Bring them to the surface and deal with them. And for your information, weaknesses are the easiest things to deal with, with a strong will. Make a list of your weaknesses on a paper, try to find the reasons why and how they have captured you? You will find the remedies automatically to remove them. Weaknesses are an example parasites dwelling on you unable to survive by their own.
Your strengths are your wings. Boost them up, give them more energy, so that they enable you to fly. Make a list of activities that make you feel contented from inside. Prepare a schedule ensuring these activities are enlisted. Adjacent to it also make sure these activities are healthy, and socially accepted. Moreover, make a list of activities that make you sad and uncomfortable. Try to quit such activities. Initially, there might be a hard phase to eradicate, nevertheless you will learn to quit them and get rid of them. This would be a step towards happiness.
It is important to reminisce that happiness is not something in a whole which comes to us, rather it is something a continuous process, process of keeping the machine inside you maintained and functional. It is you who keep you happy.